I’d like to think that I am a person who wants to live her life the best way possible. I believe that life isn’t supposed to be taken for granted and that it doesn’t always have a tomorrow to look forward to and so you must live to the fullest now. Life is too unpredictable and it’s really scary to be honest. Though I am taking cautions in my actions, I actually try not too over do it. Too much thinking is bad for your health too, you know? 

And so I don’t spend hours battling myself if I should or should not do or say something. I am unpredictable and confusing. I sometimes make no sense at all but that’s me. I complain and then make fun of it. I cry and laugh.

I am a whole lot but I think I know why and I keep on finding the reason for what, where, how, and who I really am. 

That is my daily journey. 

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